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The wonderful world of a man called 'Moo'

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The wonderful world of a man called 'Moo'

Post by Guest on Tue Dec 16, 2014 9:59 pm


Im Moo and its been said im a media whore. I dont talk online, as im a grumpy git, i tend to communicate in the art of dance, which being a recovering alcoholic can be judged as DT's in some areas of the country. Im a member of Across The Pond, the team that certainly didnt take me on for my driving talents, but i do like a paint or two. Im also the founder of Wheelwash Racing Media, which aims to cover as much of the events going on in the world of online racing on both the Xbox 360 and XboxOne as it can, well those that are worth the time of day.

I tend not to race much these days, unfortunately health issues, i got recreational drugs mixed up with candy, means im usually floating in a very special place all paid for by the NHS and the UK taxpayer, of which i thank you all. But in return, as well as one of the team painters, i do take a few photos, attach words to the pictures and try and pass it off as entertainment. When i do race, its on the XboxOne these days as my son stole my 360, i dont do fast cars, im old and the reactions under the current medication means a thought in my head now takes a couple of days to reach the parts other beers couldnt reach.

I look forward to grabbing a few shots along the way and who knows, maybe a race or two when something suitable is available, until that point, i shall keep on dancing!!


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Re: The wonderful world of a man called 'Moo'

Post by HCR Bellmond on Tue Dec 16, 2014 10:27 pm

Love it mate!! Smile Welcome to the forum good to have you here

HCR - Happy Cat Racing

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HCR Bellmond

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