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HCR Race Rules / Procedure

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HCR Race Rules / Procedure

Post by HCR TJSteel on Sat Aug 30, 2014 9:21 pm

Hi everyone. This post will contain all the information you need to understand how organised racing works, if you feel that there is anything further you need to know or that is missing from here please reply below with your queries and we will get back to you.

Race Numbers
All drivers will be required to register with a race number. This is so that we can enter your results into our spreadsheets and keep track of scores.

Series Registration
Once you have registered with a race number you are then free to enter yourself into any of our events. To do this you will simply reply to the series registration thread with your details and we will get you added. You are then required to sign in for each race.

Race Sign In
There will be a sign in thread posted at least one week before the race and you must sign in at least 30 minutes before the event. This is to let us know how many drivers are racing so that we can setup the correct amount of lobbies. Anyone who signs in after this time may be rejected depending on the availability of lobby hosts and lobby sizes.

Getting Into The Race
After sign in closes we will then start arranging lobby hosts and setting up lobbies. Once they are setup we will send out invites to everyone who has signed in. If for any reason you cannot join please send one of us a message or reply on the sign in thread and we will try our best to get you in. Could everyone please be online and ready to accept your invites 10 minutes before the agreed start time, this will help keep everything running on time and give us time to get everyone into a lobby. Could you also make sure that your NAT is set to open and if possible all other network devices are disabled to reduce lag. A quick reboot of your Xbox before the race can also help reduce connection issues.

All qualifying sessions will be set to best lap times and collisions off. Depending on the event we will either specify a time limit or a set amount of laps to complete a qualifying time. Whilst drivers are setting their times we request that all mics are muted so as not to distract anyone until the last person has finished their last lap. At the end of that window you will pull off the track at the first corner after completing your final lap and wait until everyone has finished. The lobby host will then take down the times and confirm them. Once the times are taken you may quit or finish the race. Qualifying positions will be determined based on fastest lap times (Clean laps are better than dirty laps) and once sorted you will receive a second invite to the lobby you have qualified for (unless there is only 1 lobby in which case you will remain in that lobby).

Race Procedure
The race length will be set to 1 lap more than the agreed amount of laps. Once in the race everyone will stay still and the lobby host will call out the qualifying order. Once your name has been called you will set off around the track under the yellow flag rules (Lead car will drive at a maximum of 50mph / 80kph and overtaking will not be permitted). You will then line up on the grid using the grid box's if available, for tracks without grid box's the lead car will pull up near the start line on the side which they choose and everyone else will pull up leaving a 25ft gap (odds on the same side as the lead car and evens on the opposite side). Once the last car has confirmed they are in position the lobby host will call out a start time which will be roughly 10 seconds ahead of the full race timer and once this time is reached the race will begin.

Race Conduct
As you may know racing is a non contact sport in which drivers must try an make all maneuvers without colliding with any of the opponents. This is not to say that some minor rubbing and bumping will not happen but should another driver collide in a way which you think is unfair then you may raise this with the race stewards. Below is a list of rules which must be followed as best as possible.

-2 Wheels must remain on track at all times. The track just in-case anyone does not know is the black sticky bit in the middle, this does not include rumble strips, grass, sand, or any of the tarmac outside of the track lines (pit lanes and run off areas for example).

-Following on from the previous point, anyone found guilty of purposely gaining an advantage by exceeding track limits will be penalized (see penalties section below for a full explanation)

-You may only make one change of direction per straight in order to defend you position but weaving to block anyone else from overtaking is not permitted.

-You must always give other drivers at least 1 car width if they are beside you entering a corner. For another car to be deemed as being beside you they must have their front wheel in front of your back wheel before the turn in point.

-When overtaking it is the responsibility of the overtaking driver to make the move without contact but the defending driver must also leave enough racing room should the overtaking car be along side.

-If for any reason you depart from the track it is your responsibility to re-join the track safely. Should you enter the track and in doing so cause an avoidable collision this will be looked into by the race stewards.

Race Flags / Safety Car
Race flags and safety cars may only be called by the lobby host.

Yellow Flag - If a yellow flag is called all drivers will slow to 50mph / 80kph and no overtaking will be permitted.

Blue Flag - If a car is coming around the track to overlap you and calls a blue flag you must let them pass, if you happen to be still fighting for position with another car about to be lapped then you must not engage in any kind of maneuver until the faster cars have fully passed.

Safety Car - Should a safety car be called the lead car will slow to 50mph / 80kph and no overtaking will be permitted. Following cars may still drive at race pace until the safety car has been caught up with. The lobby host will then state that the safety car will be coming in at the end of the lap. The lead car may then accelerate up to race pace when they choose but no overtaking will be permitted until the lead car has passed the pit entry lane.

Gaining an advantage by exceeding track limits - There may be a 5 point penalty for each instance of exceeding track limits unless this was due to driver error (spinning out and exiting the track). Repeatedly exceeding track limits holds no set penalty*

Causing an avoidable collision - This could include re-entering the track unsafely, pushing someone off the track when you had enough track to leave racing room. 20 point deduction. If however the stewards believe this to be a more serious offence such as purposely ramming someone into a tire wall or side swiping them into a wall there will be no set penalty*.

Driving the wrong way around the track during a race - instantly banned with no chance to appeal.

Blocking - Making more than one defensive maneuver, 20 point deduction

Failure to yield (Under Blue Flag) - 20 point deduction

Bullying - no set penalty for this but this would be a major offence and action would be taken to prevent any form of bullying.*

*Instances which have no set penalty are for major incidents such as bullying / cheating and could include you loosing a position, loosing some points, all points for the race, round, disqualification from the series or even banning from racing with HCR altogether depending on the severity of the offence.

If we find that you are guilty of an offence which is not listed here and we believe this to be unsporting we reserve the right to add that kind of behavior to the list and a written / verbal warning will be issued. If you are then found guilty of this a second time the agreed penalty will be issued.

More to be added

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